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Keep That Media Rolling– 5 Ways We Optimize Your Design for Social Media

Keep that media rolling– 5 ways by which we optimize your design for social media. 

Social media has become a go-to platform to give your brand platform to widen its reach and connect more with its set audience.

The feeds are all about images, visuals, and infographics than plain text and quotes. Making it essential to implement graphics and designs for social media in a way to explicit the brand’s idea better than its competitors.

But how?

The aim is to produce a social media post that ensures engaging graphics and designs and communicates the message through your social media pages.
Here are some tried-and-true methods that SuperHeroes of Web aims for optimizing your social media visual strategy.
5 Ways by which we optimize your design for social media

1. Consistency

Designing and consistency are two rival terms that, whenever put together, depict a block stone of creativity.

Somehow, when it comes to designing a social media page, consistency has always been one the most crucial elements that constantly work towards success

But why? 

Because it raises brand visibility

Consistency in font size, color schemes, and visuals on your social media pages ensures increased brand awareness and trust. The constant change in your post’s pattern or color templates can often lead viewers to confuse it for another brand. 

After all, social media campaigns are about building trust, improving engagement, and creating a lasting impact on the set audience.

2. A color scheme that matches with brand’s identity

In the realm of design, colors have always been used to mimic emotions, values, and concepts, which often influences customers’ decision-making power and how they grasp your brand.

Do you know?

Popular food brands like KFC and Mcdonald’s represent their brand with colors like red and yellow. On the other hand, financial institutions like Citibank and Bank of America identify themselves with blue color. 

Wondering why?

The color red evokes feelings of activation and desire to eat and catches the eye, whereas yellow conjures up a sense of pleasure and friendliness. In comparison, blues radiate calmness, trust, and belief. 

That’s the true power of color! It can trigger your emotion and dictate how you perceive a brand.

3. More images, less text  
There is no lying in the fact that images are processed much faster than text. This statement is backed up by a study stating that graphics and visuals always generate more mentions, re-tweets, Facebook shares, and engagement than text.

During the initial times, Facebook ran on the agenda that the timeline photo could not have more than 20% of the text. 

Although this rule has been nullified, it is still a decent number to keep your post catchy and compelling.

While considering the word count for social media posts, less is always considered more. Whether you plan to create quote images, graphic fonts, or even use text overlays.

4. Use the best design methods  
The main objective of a social media design is to capture the set audience’s attention and get more engagement via aesthetically appealing content. 
While designing, we at SuperHeroes of Web truly believe in instincts and creativity. There are our set rules and design principles that give us visually appealing results. 
Like– combining white or negative space with your design draws the viewer’s attention by making them focus on the main element, putting the size of elements to one another, and placing elements with contrasting hues, dimensions, or textures to bring attention to people.

 5. Alter designs to fit social media

Every platform has its own guidelines regarding the design for social media concerning its size and type.

For example–

Insta reels are crafted to be seen on smartphones, making it essential for videos to be made in portrait mode. While video content for Facebook and YouTube is meant to be shot in landscape orientation.

Aside from that, we always consider the platforms that are effectively appropriate for specific layouts. For example, if aiming for Twitter, we always divide the content into text threads over infographics.
Keeping up with these guidelines level up our design for social media and make your content accomplish its true purpose.

In the end, the main objective of social media page is to involve its target audience and persuade them to share the designed content. Thus, while working with our creative juices, we ensure that the graphics are consistent with the brand and highlight their products and services.

Irrespective of the industry, social media has become the most effective marketing and selling platform. So why not take advantage of it to its full potential? 
Improve your social media presence with SuperHeros of the Web. Your one-stop shop for designs for social mediaFacebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and so on

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