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A Beginners’ Guide: 5 Interesting Graphic Design Services

A Beginners’ Guide: 5 Interesting Graphic Design Services
People have become increasingly accustomed to graphic design services due to the rapid increase in the e-commerce market and the need for brands to have an online presence.  

Yet, graphic designers are often categorized into a very restricted range simply because of a limited understanding of what they exactly do. 

Yes, it includes photoshop and social media posting– but that is just a part of it. It’s a lot more than just making things pretty. 

Graphic design is frequently used as an overarching term, but the variants of design that fall under this broader category further break down the requirement of different technical skills, expertise, and tools.

As an award-winning design studio, SuperHeroes of Web has expertise in various graphic design services like logo design, gifs, brand books, coupons, book cover design, etc. Among 30+ design, video, and development services, these major 5 types of graphic design services will definitely enable you to amp up your business and give a visual to your dream design.
5 types of graphic design services:
1. Social media ads
About 28% of web users invest their time on social media– making it one of the most effective marketing tools to reach out to customers.
If you are looking forward to engaging the right audience and generating leads for your business, social media ads are a great way to get started.

A social media network offers you information about your users like their preferences and behaviors, email, age group, etc. You can therefore target just about anybody you want within reason.

Cut through your competitors with eye-catching social media designs by SuperHeroes of Web.  
2. Branding design
Your brand is a lot more than just its name and logo. It represents the vision behind your business and how your clients/consumers perceive your company. 

The outcome of successful branding is the enhancement of the dynamic response of customers at every point of interaction. Implying– retaining loyal customers for a long stretch and having a quicker conversion rate with new clients.

Wondering about the secret behind successful branding?

As a brand designer, you must be very much in touch with the company’s or product’s visual identity. Your idea and design blueprint should align with the company’s mission, conveying the right message and communicating with the intended audience.

With SuperHeroes of Web, you get a chance to improve your brand identity however you want– from building your brand from scratch to personalized brand marketing solutions. 
Incorporate a team packed with our expert designers with your sales and marketing team for the long-lasting incredible branding your company deserves.
3.Website design
Just like the cape of every SuperHero, there is a graphic designer behind every website and app you visit. As a website designer, the job does not just limit to building a website and leaving it to customers. The user experience (UX) design should align with the users’ comfort on both mobile and the web. 
Website is the primary online groundwork for your company that needs to be graphically appealing, convenient to navigate, functional with best SEO practices, and match up with the brand’s identity.  
4. Publication graphic design

Despite digitalization altering the realm of graphic design, demand for print and publication is still there in the market.

A print graphic designer focuses on designing a work that is intended to be viewed physically by the people. As a graphic design agency, SuperHeroes of Web designs graphics that extend beyond your monitors and render well to the physical world. The services include designing from designing billboards, coupons, book covers to business cards.

For our designs to hit the right target audience, we collaborate with editors and publishers to create templates that go well with meticulously selected typography, graphic elements, and illustrations.

 5. Motion graphic design
Motion graphics include logo reveal, explainer videos, gifs, and other effects used in internet platforms, broadcast tv, and cinema. Its popularity has recently surged with technological advancements and video becoming the master of online content.

A Motion graphic is an upcoming state-of-art for graphic designers– opening up plenty of new avenues and possibilities.

Its true purpose?

To level up your marketing via animation. It’s all about transforming your static images into captivating masterpieces.

Tell your brand’s story via some fantastic video content with SuperHeroes of Web. With 60+ combined years of expertise, the team works with your existing visuals to create something entirely new.
 SuperHeroes of Web gives you endless possibilities on what you can get designed. With talented graphic designers available worldwide, they help you offer you incredible graphic design services from logos, gifs, web banners, flyers, etc.
Get a design you’ll love today by choosing exemplary service! Graphic design is a rapidly expanding field with a high demand for specialized and skilled graphic designers.

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