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Are your Fast Credits over?

No problem. We are UNLIMITED!!!

You will get instant 15 regular credits unlimited times after your fast credits are over.

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Still have questions? Try doing this: Pace yourself, take a deep breath, say “Superhero Click” and Click here. And a member will assist you shortly.
UNLIMITED design or Limitless design means that your account will be recharged with 15 regular credits (free of cost), once your fast credits are exhausted. Once these 15 credits are consumed, another 15 will be added to your account—unlimited times. For example, If you choose our Deal-opener annual plan, you will get 50 fast credits for one month. If you exhaust all these fast credits before the month-end, your account will be recharged with 15 regular credits.
Yes. We won’t bill you if you do not like the design. You can send your design for revision three times, and even after that, you don’t like we won’t bill you. We will add credits for that project back to your account while you can reach out to some other superhero waiting to master your vision.
No, we work on a no-binding contract basis. Only pay once (monthly or yearly) and you are done. If you like our SuperHeroes, you can renew your credits. It’s all up to you.
No, there are no hidden charges. The package price is exactly what you have to pay. All taxes and fees are included in that price.
We work in our time zone. While you sleep and dream, we build and create designs for you to be ready while you wake up in the morning. In case of a requested meeting, our SuperHeroes will be available in your morning time.
You can ask for revisions 3 times. If you still don’t like it (which never happened) , we will add credits for that project back to your account.
No, you don’t need any extra credit for having a meeting with the team. Your credits include some buffer hours which can be utilized for discussions regarding the project.
With fast credits, it’s 24-48 hours, depending on the project. Some projects may take longer. 5 credits roughly equate to 5 hours of work, and with multiple resources working on your project, you can expect multiple deliveries in a day. We provide an exact time estimate for each project in the dashboard as you order.
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