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7 Different Ways To Promote Your Brand Through Email Signature

7 Different ways to promote your brand through Email signature 

With increasing complexities in marketing, an email signature has become the quickest advertising and upselling tool for your brand.


Email signature reflects your uniqueness and professional approach– thus working as a powerful marketing trigger. It bridges up your prospects to stay in touch, further leading them to your social media profiles and website. 

You have all the SuperPowers, so choose wisely how to use them. Turn your marketing game by curating a well-designed email signature via a good mix of creativity and professionalism. This can be a bit overwhelming!

Why not just wear your SuperCape and leave the rest to SuperHeroes of Web! They will help you by easily creating an appealing email signature that best suits your brand. 
Getting access to an email signature is one thing but using it wisely throughout the internet is another whole story. If not used wisely, you can miss out on opportunities and on gaining prospects. 
Here we have come up with the top 7 different ways through which SuperHeroes of Web can help you promote your brand through email signature:
1. Homepage
Your company’s website is the first thing you promote in your email signature. And what can be a better place than your homepage? To get the maximum benefits–  your homepage should function as a landing page. 
Make it efficient and impactful with SuperHeroes of Web.

After all, the goal is to attract your prospect’s attention.  

2. Social Media Post
Social media– the new hub for promotion and advertisement. It is a raging hotspot for you to increase your chances of engagement with your prospects through email signature. 

Either get it linked with your personal or company’s account on social media platforms like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

3. Blog

Do you maintain a blog site and love to keep it updated? But somehow miss out on increasing the readership? 

The smartest thing you can do? 

Get in touch with SuperHeroes of Web.

Our expert designers and developers will install, build, and set up your WordPress quickly and professionally. 

Further, we enable you to include your blog link in your email signature to amplify the brand’s value and keep your viewers updated. Fresh content is more engaging and exciting than your regular homepage. 

We get instant results by amplifying the lead conversions by simply including CTA throughout your post. 

4. Conference meetings and events

Company trade shows and or conferences are the best place to spread the word about your brand in the event. So why not utilize this event at its best?

Get your email signature designed or modified by SuperHeroes of Web, and let it speak for you at the event. 
5. Exciting marketing offer

Came up with an exciting offer and plan to entice prospects and convert them into leads? But do you have a proper action plan to promote and engage with your target audience?

Just approach professionals like SuperHeroes of Web, who will get your work done and give instant results. 

We analyze and pick your most promising offer and use your email signature as its promotional tool– by either adding a link or simply highlighting the offer. 

6. Case Studies and testimonials

There is nothing better than providing your potential prospects with your success stories. It increases your brand’s credibility and trust in your product and services. 

Get the link attached to your testimonial page in your email signature or simply highlight the quote in the same. 
7. Promotional Videos

Do you or your teammates have any experience in creating promotional videos? 

You can try out exceptional services offered by SuperHeroes of Web
You can attach your company’s promotional video link to your email signature. This will make your prospects more aware of your company without leaving an email message. 

An email signature is one of the most underhyped promotional tools available at your brand’s disposal. It has proven to be a great way to make your target audience aware of your brand and keep them engaging by adding it to hundreds of daily emails.

Ready to kick start / modify your email signature? 

SuperHeroes of Web is always at your disposal for managing your creative solutions and giving the best results. With years of experience and a meticulously curated team, they will always simplify the toughest process for you. 

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