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The Secret of Successful Branding: The Dos and Don’ts of a Business Logo Design

The Secret of Successful Branding: The Dos and Don’ts of a Business Logo Design
Completing all the time-consuming paperwork and finally commencing your business is life-changing, but hold on, it’s just the beginning. There is the whole branding waiting for you ahead. The first thing first is to focus on your LOGO.
A logo is the first source of communication that reflects your brand’s vision to your consumer. And if designed effectively, it also becomes the last thing they recall about your brand once they leave. 
Going creative with designs can be as crazy as you want, but a logo is more than being pretty and innovative. It should be impressive and professional. That’s what we follow at SuperHeroes of Web
Along with providing unlimited designs, development, and video services, we love to spill some beans and share our little secrets of being masters at what we do with our readers.

Here are some dos and don’ts we strictly adhere to while designing a business logo for our clients. 


1. Keep It Simple And Memorable:

A simple design is usually easier to recognize and looks more professional. The key to crafting a prevailing logo is to avoid using too many colors or elements. It should be easy to remember and distinguishable from other logos in your industry. 

Our team at SuperHeroes of Web makes sure to reflect your brand’s vision without many words and taglines. Because these are the ones that will stand the test of time in the coming years. 
2. Be Mindful of the Versatility:
This is one thing that most of the agency overlooks. With upgrades in digital marketing, traditional marketing still holds an important role.
Remember, for effective branding, you communicate your product and services on different mediums, such as websites, business cards, and promotional materials. Thus, our designers make sure to design your logos that can be fit for billboards, posters, websites, or even on the packaging.

With the right colors and effective typography, we ensure your logos are legible and easy to read while portraying your brand value. We double-test each of our logos to ensure that quality is not compromised when it is enlarged or shrunk.

1. Going Overboard With Elements:
A logo should be simple and easy to understand. SuperHeroes of Web strictly avoid using too many elements or details. It will make it extremely difficult for your audience to understand your brand’s tonality.

Our secret formula?  Simple! Research, analyze and design what the target audience wants.  And voila! We have the right design elements and color palettes.

It may sound easy, but it actually took 60+ years of combined experience and study of our designers to crack and implement this theory effectively. Why not go with the best? 
2. Clipart Or Stock Images:
Using clipart or stock images in your logo can make it look unprofessional and generic. Instead of using clipart or stock images in a logo, at SuperHeroes of Web, we always design custom graphics or illustrations specifically for your brand. This enables us to craft a unique, visually distinctive logo to better represent your company or brand.

Nevertheless, the whole idea behind the logo is to choose a design that advances your brand in the direction of making it accessible to a maximum number of people. 

Going too exact and intricate with the logo can make it crowded and boring. But, at the same time, inculcating crazy ideas and eccentric color palettes can make it unprofessional and gaudy. 

Hiring a professional logo designer is always recommended to ensure your logo’s quality for effective branding. 

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