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Landing Page & its optimization

Just started web hosting your brand?– the most challenging task you must be facing is converting your visitors into leads and eventually potential clients. Here, a well-put-together landing page will come in handy. But wait, to get the most out of it, you need to understand what a landing page is and how you can use it to attract potential clients.
Landing page

You will find this usual meaning everywhere – a landing page is the first thing your visitor will view after clicking through from the email, advertisement, or other digital sources. 

In my opinion, your website solely can not bring you sales and conversion. It is something that has to be initiated by a page. How? Let’s have a look at that.

But what exactly does it do? 

A visually appealing and informative landing page encourages your users to join your mailing list or purchase your products and services. It is specifically curated for your marketing or advertising campaign. It only inculcates a sole purpose, also known as a call to action (or CTA).

ONLY ONE LINK? Yes, just one, blame it on Paradox of Choice. 

For example, if your company is offering your audience a free audiobook, always fix your landing page with that one thing only! Confusing them with too many links, like inviting them to visit your blog or link to your social media channels, reduces the chances of your users downloading your audiobook.

Why? Simple, you’ve diverted their attention away from your main goal.

More the options, messier will be user’s mind to make a rational choice– directly hampering your sales and conversion. And I don’t think you want that with your brand. 

Let’s dig deeper to give you a fair idea about landing pages:

Landing pages aren’t all the same. They can be divided into 3 broad categories.

  • Standalone Landing Pages: These include your Click Through, Lead Capture (L, Infomercial, and Viral landing pages.
  • Microsites: A small multi-page website that is usually created as a supplement to your main website.
  • Internal Website Landing Pages: These cater to your homepages and product detail pages.

Now the next question comes why a landing page? What exactly does it do to your brand?

Importance of Landing Pages:

Landing pages are different from other pages on your site as they are focused on achieving specific objectives – generating leads to get your desired results.

They focus on optimizing paid ad campaigns and gaining new audience insights in addition to increasing conversions.

Moreover, the best thing they do is – Boost your credibility. 

​​Your visitors prefer clear, straightforward messaging that explains the value of what you’re delivering. 

Through a  well-designed landing page, you convey to your visitors that their needs matter to you. It enables you to demonstrate how authentically your brand works.  

Need room to show more credibility? You can even include elements like testimonials regarding your product or service. 

History is proof that conversions accelerate when authentic testimonials are used.

The second best thing a landing page can do for you – enhances your brand’s visibility. 

The best way to increase sales is by registering the brand in your audience’s mind and keeping that consistency. Brand reinforcement is the outcome of keeping your website’s appearance, tone, style, and copy consistent.  

There are various advantages to having a distinct and powerful brand.

When your users don’t convert right away, a robust brand identity can help them remember you later. Thus, resulting in acknowledging your remarketing efforts and promoting your brand to their friends.

Landing pages are, without a doubt, critical to your marketing approach. Thus, to pull out the maximum benefits, you need to optimize it to the best. 

However, this presents two issues: How should they be optimized, and for what should they be optimized?

Best practices for landing pages

Who does not want their landing pages to be a client conversion machine?  But the question is HOW?

The first impression is your last impression– this saying holds a lot of value with respect to your landing page. One of the key factors of employing a landing page– boosting your brand’s visibility. 

Coming to creating and improving your landing pages, there are a few best practices that you should keep in mind:

1. Focus on your page loading speed:

As per studies, if a page takes more than 3 seconds to load, you tend to lose over a quarter of your visitors to a different search result. And this, you definitely don’t want for your brand.

No matter where your users are coming from, they tend to be impatient and easily sidetracked. so if your landing page takes way too long to load, your chances of converting reduce. Thus, make sure your landing pages load at lightning speed. 

How can that be done while still maintaining your high-quality images? 

Move to a fast builder like Unbounce. It’s the quickest platform to accelerate your web hosting experience. The best news– you got yourself some fantastic deals. Visit and get yourself lucky!

2. Make your content easy to share:

Want to make your content shareable– make it unique. 

You don’t have to focus on your potential leads but all those interlinked users who might be interested in what you have to offer. 

The only way to engage in these more extensive networks is by marketing your landing pages.

Thus increasing your traffic and improving your search engine rankings, + delivering more leads to your page.

3. Inculcating catchy headline:

Nothing beats a well-written, catchy headline. Either leave your headline with a question– make your users curious. Or make them excited with keywords like “free” or “now.”

In addition, an appealing title with strong copywriting keeps your users on the page long enough to convert.

4. Focus on long-tail keywords:

Long-tail keywords: What are they? 

Keywords or key phrases that are of four or more words. 

For example, “best marketing ideas for landing pages” is a long-tail keyphrase compared to the more specific keyword “landing pages.”

Since a landing page follows the rule of featuring very specific CTAs, it becomes simpler to place long-tail keywords organically. In addition, a long-tail keyword is less competitive than your short-tail keywords. 

5. Place your CTAs above the fold:

One of the first things your visitors should see on your site is CTA. Keeping CTA above your digital fold implies the point where the user needs to scroll to obtain additional information.

In most cases, designers struggle with adding CTA on top of mobile. But, luckily this is what The Dreamer Designs is known for– breaking the glass ceiling. Get on board with their team and experience infinite possibilities of executing the impossible. They surely know the ways to do that right.

6. Social Proof:

Imagine going for a product; what’s the first thing you do before buying? Check reviews or ask around the existing users. 

The same goes for your digital services. Again, the best way to entice your target audience is to increase your credibility through authentic testimonials.

Make a point of getting testimonials from your happy clients and include them in your landing page copy.

You can even highlight the number of users already engaged with your services. This will persuade people to jump on board and try your product or service.

7. Don’t forget to attach link to the form:

There are several ways to give visitors your contact information on your landing page– phone number or email address. But the best and the most effective one is a contact form.


Here, you will be able to approach them by catering their contact details. You can pitch them as per your full potential at the best time and resources available.  

The ball is now in your court!

8. Test different versions of your pages

Different combinations of headlines, graphics, calls to action, and other factors can significantly influence the outcome of web traffic. Thus, always go for some experimentation.

Experiment with several variations of your landing pages and observe which ones perform the best. How? Through A/B testing. This might assist you in making your landing pages more successful and widely reachable.

The more you go with A/B Testing, the more reliable your data is. Still not sure how to deal with the complexities of A/B testing? Say no more. Unbounce got you covered!. Get full benefits of their Smart Builder that will automatically increase your conversions with Smart Traffic – at some fantastic deals through

9. Consider going for an exit popup

What’s an exit popup? Something popups on your page whenever a visitor tries to leave the page. 

How does it help? By creating an opportunity to make them stay a bit longer and increase the chance to create a conversion.

10. Be consistent

Last but not least, always be consistent with your design and content. 

Even if a brand message has become crucial, visual consistency still significantly impacts your conversion rates.

You want your landing page to be a complete package yet focus on CTA. Make sure your text, imagery, and other elements look similar visually and present the same offer. Or else your prospective consumer would be perplexed or annoyed.

So, these are the 10 quick guidelines to optimize your landing page. But Wait! Do you really think this much information is enough to start a successful landing page?

Let’s explore further:

What’s an ideal Conversion Rate for a Landing Page?

On average, the conversion rate for landing pages goes about 2.35 percent across industries. However, looking at the top 25% follows a conversion rate of 5.31% or higher. However, these conversion rates can vary wildly depending on what industry you’re currently dealing in. For example:

Higher Education – 2.6% 

Real Estate – 2.9% 

Health – 2.9% 

Home Improvement – 3.3% 

Legal – 3.3%

Business Services – 3.5%

Business consulting – 5.0%

Travel – 5.0%

Credit & Lending – 5.6%

The only thing you can do is improve! But unfortunately, consistency in your conversion rate can be a dead-end for your company. Thus, it becomes important to collect data regularly and take action on your landing page accordingly. 

How to hit the right target audience?

One of the most prominent factors to accelerate your conversion rate is hitting the right audience. If you want to appeal to your audience, they need to relate to it. 

But how?

While selecting which image will feature prominently on your landing page, you need to determine factors like what your target audience looks like? What age bracket do they belong to? What are their choices and interests? 

But, is it that easy?

Tracking your data regularly, choosing the right audience and their choices, and accordingly updating your plan can be very demanding while managing your company. 

Sales and promotions cannot always work on half-learned techniques and on a hit-and-trial basis. This will end you in a loop of practicing small things with little impact. You might think you know it all, but do you know it all? 

So, why not leave it to the experts, right?

Get on with expert designers at The Dreamer Designs and shape your landing page to cater to maximum conversion rates.  With 60+ years of combined experience, our team knows what SuperPower it takes to make an optimized landing page for your site.

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