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Your account will be supercharged with 15 regular credits unlimited times once your fast credits are over.

Still, have queries? Take a deep breath, remember your SuperPowers and click here. A member will assist you shortly.

Fast credits are limited and optimized credits are unlimited. BUT It’s still better than competitors who process one or 2 projects at a time only making it a case where you can order unlimited but they will deliver one project at a time with a 24-hour turnaround. Competitors call service unlimited but cap you to 24 or 48 graphics a month at max. We are possibly only truly unlimited design service available.
No, you don’t need any extra credit for having a meeting with the team. Your credits include some buffer hours which can be utilized for discussions regarding the project.
We offer 3 revisions to finalize a project. Why? You might wonder. Imagine you have asked for a revision the 6th time and still not getting what you envisioned. Is it not a waste of your precious time? And if you don’t like it, you get a full refund on your credits. In 17 years of design experience, we have never required a third revision. So, we don’t believe unlimited revisions are the best way to work.
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Fast credits are the credit points you receive with your subscription. Multiple projects run simultaneously. You get to see exact estimates and delivery dates. If anything gets delayed, you are pre-informed and notified. On the other hand, regular credits are the credits that are added to your account once fast credits for the month get exhausted. You get normal credits in the bundle of 15. These have a slower turnaround time. They are prioritized by our designers in lower stacks. The estimate is provided for projects under these credits but it’s not committed for delivery. Having said that, we don’t see these credits as slow ones, but as a window of opportunity to delight your clients. We wish to make it cherry on the cake. Like a superhero saves the world and that little baby as well, on whom the building was about to fall.
No, there are no hidden charges. The package price is exactly what you have to pay. All taxes and fees are included in that price.
No, we work on a no-binding contract basis. Only pay once (monthly or yearly) and you are done. If you like our work (we know you will ), you can renew your credits. It’s all up to you.
Yes, we won’t bill you if you do not like the design. You can send your design for revision 3 times, and even after that, you don’t like we won’t bill you. We will add credits for that project back to your account while you can reach out to some other designer waiting to master your vision.
UNLIMITED design or Limitless design means that your account will be charged with 15 regular credits once your fast credits are exhausted. Once these 15 credits are consumed, another 15 will be added to your account—unlimited times. For example, you gifted yourself 500 credits, and a website costs 200 credits each. To build the order of 5 websites, the first two websites are fast-tracked, and you can use the remaining credits that develop at an optimized rate. After that, we will restock your account with optimized credits in bundles of 15.
The offshore team will be working in their time zone, giving you the double advantage. Firstly, it helps us offer the best prices. Secondly, we’ll have the project ready before the day even begins. While you sleep and dream, we build and create designs for you to be ready while you wake up in the morning. You can also request a meeting with the project manager, and they will be happy to talk as per your suitability.